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Photo Sessions with AmbbssssssMUA

Updated: Feb 20

What's good beautiful people?

This past Sunday me and the homie Amber (IG: ambbssssssssmua) met up for the second time to have a quick photo session. Amber is a dope photographer, awesome make-up artist and a funny story-teller! Amber is the photographer behind my profile picture and the cover picture for my "Photo" section on the main page. Follow her photography page (IG: @8causeimgreat ) I've only taken pictures with her twice and I already feel more comfortable with portrait photography.

This first picture was taken on the Attico Rooftop in Philly. It was my first time being there and it definitely will not be the last. It is a great place with nice scenery! We saw these styrofoam roses and I had to find a way to use them for a picture.

This was the best picture taken from the few we took.

For the second shoot, we decided to use the outside of the Philadelphia Magic Gardens as our background. The Magic Gardens building is an actual art piece with broken mirrors and kitchen china that is placed in creative patterns to make a beautiful sight to see. I havve never been inside the Magic Gardens, but it is definitely on my list of places to visit.

There is an alley way with some cool murals on garage doors. We decided it would be a great background for the pictures.

There was also this door that Amber thought was cool. so we got a few pics there too.

This was a fun shoot and I can't wait for more photo sessions with Amber to create more dope content!


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