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Street Art in SoHo

Updated: Feb 15

What's good beautiful people?

I took a quick trip with my bro Orrin (@bushidobrown_1101) to NYC. We walked around SoHo to visit some of the dope sneaker shops in the city. This was my first time being in SoHo, so it was important that I enjoyed every moment of this experience. During our travels, I had to stop and admire all the street art. Every corner and every block we walked down, there was new art awaiting. We even stopped inside of Eden Fine Art Gallery to see the art on display. NYC is a beautiful city filled with great culture and great art! Enjoy the art that caught my eye during my time in la gran Manzana!

This truck was parked outside the KITH store. While everyone was waiting in line for the Yeezy raffle, I went to take a few pictures of this dope truck.

This was another truck I saw with graffiti on it.

This was a random alleyway in Chinatown. And look! There is a wild Orrin sighting!!

This was a mockingbird painted on a store front gate in Chinatown.

This is an amazing painting of Marilyn Monroe's signature pose in a red dress that looks awesome!

This is a painting of Instagram artist Chris RWK (@chriswk) signature piece Robots Will Kill

This is a dope mural featuring some of the great artist to come out of Lower East Side,NY. The first person I recognized and the one I am most familiar with is the great Jean-Micheal Basquiat.

This blob alien thing looked so cool. The bright colors sparked my interest the most. I really enjoyed the way the artist blended the pink, orange and yellow.

This piece is giving me "Angry Birds" vibes. The artist's use of colors is stunning. It is very eye catching.

"My heart is in it." This was one of my favorite pieces I saw. The message displayed on her chest are words I am choosing to live by for the rest of my life. I have had some experiences in my life that made me realize that I can't be the best me if my heart is not completely invested in the task or job I am doing.

This isn't a mural, painting or graffiti, but it is still art to me. This is a random light pole with a ton of Jordans strung around it. As a sneaker lover, this seems like a shrine or dedication to the great Jordan brand sneakers. I give props to NYC for not taking them down either.

These three sculptures were featured in the Eden Fine Art Gallery. There were multiple pieces by different artists on display. The Monopoly Man was done by Alec Monopoly. The gun sculpture was created by Angelo Accardi. I cannot find the artist behind the Bugs Bunny sculpture, but I love it because Bugs is one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters.

Which was your favorite piece from my travels in SoHo?


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